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I have dealt with many carry groups in the past and I have to say this is by far the most simple and easy group I have worked with. Anything I have bought they did with ease. Service was very fast and communication was wonderful. I can’t say enough great things about this group. Highly Recommended.

Nick Larson / Trustpilot

Very professional. Answered all my questioned before I purchased a carry. Would definitely recommend to anyone! Also one more thing, these guys actually gave me a free boost because they were late so I coudnt be more happier about the outcome for picking their service, THX BOOST2CARRY!

Axios / Trustpilot

THIS IS THE REAL DEAL!!! I couldn’t beat Agatha for nothing, I gave up hope on my mage tower artifact. For days I looked around for help, straight DESPERATE!! I rolled the bones and found BOOST2CARRY! They’re the real deal! STOP STRUGGLING get your Artifact before times up! Quick to respond and awesome service.

Marecks / Trustpilot

With the looming pre-patch for the next expansion I was running out of time and patience to complete several Mage Tower challenges.
This is my first time ever using a service like this and I am so happy I chose these guys.
Great rates, instant communication to put your mind at ease, fast and effective runs that I got to watch via Twitch-Stream.
Thank you so much guys!

Lilly / Trustpilot

Tired of trying to get into a +15 pug?
Look no further, Boost2Carry is very friendly, responsive, and fast. All usable loot is yours to keep!

Coty / Trustpilot

Awesome service. Got it done very quickly. Would absolutely use again and would recommend.

Rotbard / Trustpilot

The service was so Fast and Reliable I wouldn’t trust any other service with my account. They even let me watch my character on a livestream. so good!

Daniel Sosse / Trustpilot

these guys are amazing respond really fast and such amazing customer service skill, they got what i needed doing fast thank you

Noob D&D / Trustpilot

I bought a timed M+10 clear from these guys are it went great, Support was very prompt in contacting me after the cart transaction and I had my run completed within 4 hours — and that was even if them getting multiple traders of a tough armor type on the run. I’d definitely suggest these guys to anyone looking for boost services and they will be my first stop for any of my future needs.

John B. / Trustpilot

I’ve never used a service like this before but I was blown away by their customer service and promptness. 100% legit and 100% amazing. I would recommend it to anybody. Also they kept my account safe and I am very grateful for that and on top of that I even recommended them to my friend and he bought the same service as I did. Went even better then mine! thx a lot boost2carry

Berry / Trustpilot

I went in to this terrified to be handing over my account info. The purchase was handled smoothly, personally, and quickly.

Nicholaus B. / Trustpilot

I went in to this pretty terrified to be handing over my account info. These guys worked with me to make sure that the purchase was handled smoothly, personally, and quickly. Could not recommend them enough and I’ll absolutely be returning to them for any potential future purchases.

BadMagic11 / Trustpilot

Best bet is to contact via Discord. Smooth and fast service. Good at what they do. Thanks 🙂

Look A. / Trustpilot

Really fast run, with no downtime! Guys were very patient and helpful, even with someone that played on a spec for the first time in the raid! I would highly suggest their service!

Padre / Trustpilot

Really good professionals. I know you can feel afraid of many things like I was. However, I review the trust pilot and Facebook reviews. I also verify those people who have review them before. They were real. I gave them my wow acc. I got the service for which I paid. They are just amazing. Trust me guys if you want a boost in wow, THIS is the page you are looking for. 100 percent reliable and 100 percent sure they are professionals.

Reynaldo / Trustpilot

I had searched different sites to see the difference. After talking with representative for each. Boost2Carry gave me the best options. After purchasing a carry to test it out , they dispatched a team for me . Just a few minutes within purchase i was already invited to the carry. It went super smooth , the people were friendly and helpful. Gave me tips on how to do it. And after that they all gave me the loot and sent me off. Will purchase again lol.

Dallas12 / Trustpilot



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