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I ordered a 3v3 Arena 2,2k rating and I got my boost done in 24h. The guys at Boost2Carry were highly professional and their live support was amazing. My account was safe and the boost was insanely cheap. 10/10 would buy again their services and I will recommend them to all my friends.

Insanely fast arena win boost and a very good support. Had the option to watch it via teamviewer or skype, the booster was amazing and he didn’t have a hard time. I got what I asked for and I am fully satisfied. For 12 arena key wins the boost was very cheap and my account was safe in the hands of the booster.

Ordered an 1k MMR boost, it was the first time I ordered something like that. At first I didn’t know what should I do, but the support guys guided me through everything. The boosters were very fast and had an 90% win ratio. I will recommend them to everyone and will buy their services again. 10/10

Ordered a CM gold boost 8/8 account share wasn’t disappointed. They were really professional and my account was safe in their hands, as soon as the boost was done they messaged me and told me that I have the new transmog and mount. I can only recommend them to others, their services are fast, cheap and reliable.

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