About Us

Short history of Boost2carry.com and our goals and how we began

We are a team of professional gamers living in both the EU and US regions as well as other parts of the world. We provide professional boosting services for the video game World of Warcraft and are providing rank 1s in their prespective play zones ( PVP and PVE). This is not just a side job for us, this truly is and has been our full-time job for over 4 years. Being a professional gamer is a dream job to many, but we have managed to turn it into a reality through hard work and pushing our limits more and more like none else. We boost every day to ensure a minimal wait time to our customers and pride ourselves on our customer support. We spent hundreds of hours developing perfect strategies ever since the dungeons were implemented in the beta in order to ensure the smoothest possible boost and best customer experience. We live to play video-games and to service amazing people like you so believe us when we say that this is a passion that we have and not simply a job. We take pride in being to say that we have completed over 25,000 Challenge Mode Boosts. With us you will not only receive a high quality service, but you will be treated as a friend. So come join us for, we are looking forward to meeting you.



Paid for an order and changed your mind? Do not worry, we will refund your money upon request. Or rescheduled at a convenient time for you.


You should not worry about your account. In case of account sharing all we will use VPN of your country and your city, what guarantee the safety of your account.


Pick us and we will make sure to bring you the most reliable and safest way to achieve anything in any game. For any more questions please contact us.


Purchase boost with account sharing and we will gladly provide you with a livestream with your character, so you can see how are we boosting your character in real time.