About Us

Who is Boost2Carry.com?

We are a team of professional World of Warcraft boosters, specialized in executing all orders perfectly both PVE and PVP. Why Us you would ask yourself? Well over the course of 6 years we managed to collect some of the best and the most skillful players on the World of Warcraft Scene. Therefore buying from us will get you only the most exciting experience you will get!

Why Choose us?

  • Professionalism
  • Anonimity
  • Safety
  • Fast service
  • Best prices on the market
  • Support on 6 different languages
  • 24/7 support for all regions
  • EU & US boosting services
  • Both WoW classic and WoW retail services

Not enough?

You still changing your mind? Well if you need anything else or got any questions you can always ask for any tips or anything WoW related on our kindly Discord Boost2Carry.com#2626 , See you there!

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