Custom Powerleveling

Total: $ USD

When the Allied races got introduced in the patch 7.3.5 it made a new start off for everyone. With new racials and many more customization options it made it a perfect choice for comeback players. Allied races include a heritage armor set which can be only obtained by hand leveling the given race from lvl 20-110. If you feel like it is very time consuming and instead want to do something else, you can always contact us and we will gladly do it for you in a really short amount of time and hopefully you will be on your way transmoging the new heritage armor all over your characters which is Account shared !


Paid for an order and changed your mind? Do not worry, we will refund your money upon request. Or rescheduled at a convenient time for you.


You should not worry about your account. In case of account sharing all we will use VPN of your country and your city, what guarantee the safety of your account.


Pick us and we will make sure to bring you the most reliable and safest way to achieve anything in any game. For any more questions please contact us.


Purchase boost with account sharing and we will gladly provide you with a livestream with your character, so you can see how are we boosting your character in real time.


100% account safety and a money back policy. We are cheap, fast and one of the oldest boosting companies on the market. Also on your call we can offer you a stream of the service (not always able to), totally free of charge so you can watch the account sharing or self-play option being done live.


With the introduction of Allied races we are offering a safe and fast boost from lvl 20-110 for unlocking the specific races and heritage armors included. Before you make the purchase you will have to have the given reputation to exalted and a 110 character on the faction you want the heritage armor on, by doing this service you will be granted access to any heritage armor you buyed the race boost for. Included highmountain tauren, void elves, lightforged draenei, nightborne and others included. For more information about this service you can always ask us on the website live chat or Skype,discord and Facebook..


Before you make any purchase for the heritage armor or any other custom leveling boost you can always check with the support on live-chat website or on our official Skype at boost2carry for more information on spot openings and open boost times, after that you can make an purchase and our boosters will get the desired boost in less then 1- 3 days from moment of starting. For the entire process you will have contact to the support ( Email, Skype; Livechat, or any other sort of contact). If you need any more answers please ask anytime!