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Contact or write to us via Discord, Email or Skype! | boost2carry | Boost2carry – Professional gaming services


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[title text=”FAQ” margin_top=”16px” margin_bottom=”8px”]

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.


[accordion-item title=”Why should I buy from”]

We are an professional boosting organization existing well over 5 years, located in Hamburg Germany and USA Florda mostly, we are doing all types of services. PvE boosts as well as PvP boosting, all our employees take their jobs very seriously and are dedicated in performing the best they can and also in keeping you account secure.

[accordion-item title=”How do I know that my account is secure if I pick account share option?”]

Our boosters are taking your security very seriously and we are doing our best to do it so. We are using close by VPNs to your usual logging sites where you are located. 90% of our services can be live streamed so you can track progress live on twitch or youtube of your character. For more in depth information you can always ask on live-chat.

[accordion-item title=”Do I need to remove authenticator from my account?”]

No you do not have to, if so, it is even better that you leave it ON, so that you are more scure.

[accordion-item title=”How do I know that you will not scam me ?”]

Over the time we have gotten a lot of feedback from other customer and one of the website where you can check our feedback is TRUSTPILOT

[accordion-item title=”Is there any chance that I can get banned by using account share option?”]

The chances for you getting banned are equal to 0 for using our services, in more then 6500 processed orders we never had a customer getting banned because of account share option.



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[title text=”Send us an email”]

    Feel free to write us a message, suggestion or a feedback.

    With love, Boost2Carry team.