Why should I buy from Boost2carry.com?

We are an professional boosting organization existing well over 5 years, located in Hamburg Germany and USA Florda mostly, we are doing all types of services. PvE boosts as well as PvP boosting, all our employees take their jobs very seriously and are dedicated in performing the best they can and also in keeping you account secure.

How do I know that my account is secure if I pick account share option?

Our boosters are taking your security very seriously and we are doing our best to do it so. We are using close by VPNs to your usual logging places where you are located. 90% of our services can be live streamed so you can track progress live on twitch or youtube of your character. For more in depth information you can always ask on live-chat.

Do I need to remove authenticator from my account?

No you do not have to, if so, it is even better that you leave it ON, so that you are more comfortable with it.

How do I know that you will not scam me ?

Over the time we have gotten a lot of feedback from other customer and one of the website where you can check our feedback is TRUSTPILOT. Is there any chance that I can get banned by using account share option? The chances for you getting banned are almost to none and are very rare. Over more then 11200 processed orders and we had in very rare occasions our customers getting a 1 month penalty because of Account sharing.

What is account Sharing?

Account sharing is a commonly used boosting practice that involves another person playing for your character for the time of the boost. It is very safe and secured due to the use of VPN secured network that changes the IP address of our player to the country IP of our current location. If you are still worried for your character belongings or anything else, we also offer self-play option for all services.

What are your working times?

We work 24/7 – 365 days a year and will be ready to offer our services even on large holidays. Our operators on website and skype work 7 days a week from 10:00 a.m. to 01:00 a.m. CET.  If you would like to communicate with us outside those hours you can still reach us on skype or leave a message through the website on-line customer support chat and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

When my order will be ready?

We will inform you before the start of your boosting what is the approximate time for the completion of the order. We will than inform you when your order has been taken for the boost and make an update when it is ready. All communication will be done via the preferred media, whether it is e-mail, skype or telephone or discord.

Can I speak to you the entire time while my boost is being done?

Yes definetly! We even encourage our customers to speak to us and let us know if they have any special wishes for their characters

You boost on both EU and US/Oceania?

We work actively on both EU and US/Oceania, and we cover PVP and PVE orders on all regions and factions.

I can not find the raid times, how do I know when you have a free spot?

No problem! If your order has not started yet, we will refund your payment in full within the next 24 hrs.

What payment options do you offer?

We are offering Paypal payment method and direct credit card payment. You just have to add the service you want to buy in the cart and afterwards fill in the personal information and press the button “Pay with credit card”, type in your information and the payment will reach us within the next 2 minutes.

This is the first time me buying WoW boosting services, what shall I do?

If it is your first time, then we totally understand that you are nervous. But, think about it, a company working actively for 8 years so far, ruining its reputation because of a single client in order to hack or steal hes or her account information or money. Is it really worth it? Of course NOT! So if you are having second thoughts just message us on the website live chat and talk to us, you will see for yourself that we are WoW nerds at its finest!