I am not sure when the raiding times are?

Here at Boost2Carry.com we have pretty much every 3 hrs a raid both on EU and US for Account sharing option and selfplay option. That is a total of 18 raids per DAY! So your raid time and spot reservation will be pretty much swift and fast.

For mythic+ keystone orders we do them right away, it does not matter if you are Alliance, Horde or EU or US/Oceania. All are done right away as soon the group is assembled.

I bought something and dont know what to do now?

After you have made a purchase our kindly support will add you on discord, skype or whatsapp even Viber if you left the correct data in the checkout form. Also you can always add our discord Boost2Carry.com#2626 where we are 24/7 available.

  • Contact us via skype boost2carry
  • Discord: Boost2Carry.com#2626
  • Whatsapp: +38762168776
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I made contact and the Support asked me for Character armory, what is that?

Your character armory can be found on for US: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/ and for EU: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/ The trick is to type in your name in the “search” box and press enter, after you found your characters armory with appropiate server name you link the armory to us and we reserve you the spot.

I picked Account sharing and do not know what to do next?

No need to panic, our kind support will ask for your account details right before the arranged time for your boost, usually 15 minutes before it. Meanwhile you can play your account totally normal.

Hmmm, okay, I have you my info so you can hack me now?

Here at Boost2Carry.com we value our customers and approach their accounts as if they are ours. Though Account sharing is prohibited by Blizzards TOS we take very serious precautions for the safety of customers account. Also our boosters are long time epmloyees with more then 10 years of boosting experience, therefore you do not need to worry about your account getting hacked or stolen.

All nice and shine, but how do you know I wont get banned?

When you make an order here at Boost2Carry.com we collect your Geodata, therefore upon logging in onto your account we asure that we login trough a VPN on your account (Usually a close by location where the usual login happens). Therefore If you follow the security protocol from our support there is almost close to none a chance of getting banned.

I picked Self-Play option but have no clue what is going on some bosses or dungeons?

That is why we are here! You are not obligated to know any tactics on bosses or dungeon mechanics. Our boosters are here to carry it out for you and help you get it done, if needed you will be asked sometimes to perform something if its really necessary, but usually it is not!

Well GG then, how do I buy and what payment options you got?

Boost2Carry.com offers an advanced system in payment gateway, where you can pay directly via your credit card or by making an Paypal account ( which is the fastest and most securest way to pay), it takes 5 minutes to make a Paypal account and it is completely free!