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Mythic plus raider.io score

Raider.io score boost

MYTHIC PLUS raider.io score ? How to get a new keystone?

Mythic plus raider.io score
The mythic-plus dungeons in Battle for Azeroth are something that the community likes to do between raids, world quests, and other activities. It is important to cut as well in the individual instances, either to rise in the rankings or to get better loot. As well as the stages, the corresponding dungeon plays a role in the runs, which are selected completely randomly.

It is determined by the key stone, which is activated at the beginning. You'll get such a key in the weekly reward box if you've done a mythic-plus instance the week before. The Keystone, the following week, will always be one step below what you played in the past week. Alternatively, you get your first stone when you play a mythic instance.

It will always have Level 2 if you have never owned a Keystone before. You can level it up by playing the instance it opens.

So why does raider.io score matter and why does it exist ?

Raider.io mythic plus score is a system where you are determined by the score of an online addon which you can donwload on your PC/Mac, Basically what it does it puts rating on every single each of the dungeons you ever done and it ranks them depending on the mythic + level you completed them on time or not. The better the results so the rank. As of the writing of this post the maximum at the moment is 2.1k raider.io Score.

Not all dungeons are equal to "good" or "bad". Some instances are quite exhausting to play with some affixes, while others are quite enjoyable. For this reason, it would actually be nice to get rid of an unwanted key stone and exchange it for a new one. And that is exactly what works now finally!

If you can not play a mythic-plus mode for a week, that's not a problem either. The key in the weekly reward box will be just one level a week. For example, if you have dealt a level 13 stone, then skipped a week and then completed a level 5 instance, the next keystone from your loot will grant you a level 11 stone.

1. If you destroy your key stone, you will receive a new one at the end of the next mythical or mythical-plus instance.
2. The dungeon for which the new Keystone works is still random.
3. The level of the key stone is based on the following things:
4. If you kill a mythic-instance or a mythic-plus instance whose level is below of your ruined key-stone, you will get a new key-stone one level below the old one.
5. If the completed dungeon is over the level of the destroyed keystone, you will receive a new stone one level below the instance just completed.


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