Uldir boost
Uldir raid boost [Mythic/Heroic/Normal]
August 14, 2018

110-120 Power leveling [US+EU]


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Buy Power leveling from 110-120 EU+US:

  • We will make sure to NOT vendor green or better gear while doing the Power leveling boost! Even if you’re not an enchanter, you’re able to scrap BFA gear for reagents and, more importantly,  Expulsom. Expulsom is the Battle for Azeroth version of the  Blood of Sargeras, used in many 120 crafts. For more information on how to activate the scrapper and use it, check our Scrapper Guide!
  • Quest to the end of every zone! The final story-line quest for each zone offers a piece of 280 Azerite gear that will aid on your leveling and give your gear a nice item level bump, regardless of what level you’re at when you complete the quest. Non-Azerite pieces of gear will only reach that item level around level 119.
  • Skip dungeons! With the experience changes to dungeons that came with Patch 8.0, it isn’t that worth running them anymore. If you want, you can do dungeons while you have a quest for them (which happens at the very end of each zone), but those only grant a few extra experience and gold.
  • Enable War Mode! War Mode is a new PvP setting introduced on the Battle for Azeroth pre-patch, that flags you for PvP. In exchange, you will receive 10% more experience from monster kills and quests. Unless you start the War Campaign, you won’t leave your faction’s continent, so you are not very likely to find yourself in PvP situations, at least on the first couple of days.
  • … But disable War Mode for the War Campaign! It is recommended to save the War Campaign steps until you’re level 119, so you can do all 3 footholds in a single run. War Mode means you will be flagged to PvP right on the heart of the enemy territory, which usually means you might waste some time on PvP situations. You can turn on and off in Stormwind/Orgrimmar, and only there. For more information on the War Campaign steps, check our Alliance and Horde War Campaign Guides!
  • And importantly, stay healthy! For people without beta leveling experience, it should take between 15-24 PLAYED hours to reach level 120. If you, like many players out there, plan on buying a boost for Power Leveling because of not enough time or even just because you got bored of it already, we are here to help and give you the best possible service out there!


  • 120 lvl character
  • 3/3 Assaults completed via the Footholds offense War campaign
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Account sharing

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24hrs, 48hrs, 72hrs


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  • You should not worry about your account. In case of account sharing all we will use VPN of your country and your city, what guarantee the safety of your account.
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  • Purchase boost with account sharing and we will gladly provide you with a livestream with your character, so you can see how are we boosting your character in real time.