Antorus burning throne HC boost

Burning throne, ATBT, antorus

Antorus burning throne HC boost



Burning Throne is a brand new raid in Legion patch 7.3, located in the new zone of Argus, where we are fighting the titan Argus who got corrupted by the Legion. Play with some of the most best players on the gaming scene and gain unique knowledge about the encounters and tactics on  Heroic  in  the burning Throne raid . We are standing for best service on the market, and money back guarantee if  we do not meet up with our standards. After you have made an purchase we will guide you trough the entire process smoothly as possible and make sure the you get your 7+ items on normal difficulty if you choose master loot ( depending what you have chosen). For anymore information about spot openings you can always ask on the live-chat or on the official Skype support.


We guarantee for our service and make sure that we meet up with top standards, if by any chance we do not meet up or do not make up with your expectations and the promised amount of loot we will gladly talk about it with you for it, or in some cases where we can not make a compensation return the money as a full refund!


Antorus, Burning Throne heroic, Ahead of the curve achievement. 7+ items guaranteed on master loot difficulty ( not including bonus rolls). Both heroic and mythic possible on account share and self play. We are offering full discretion to our customers so we make sure that your accounts are in good hands and 100% secure.


Before you make any kind of purchase you can contact us and make sure that we have some spot openings for the Antorus (ATBT) raid. After we have found you a spot and booked it up you can proceed to the checkout and reserve the spot for your character, the raid can be done on master loot or personal loot depending on your point of preference on both account share and selfplay. For the entire process you will have contact to the support ( Email, Skype; Live-chat, or any other sort of contact). If you need any more answers please ask anytime!