Expedition Leader title boost
Expedition Leader TITLE
August 20, 2018
Buy Blood in Water achievement
Blood in the Water/20 Island Expeditions wins in PVP
August 20, 2018

Bayside Brawler/10 Island Expeditions wins in PVP


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Island Expeditions are special 3-player scenarios introduced in Battle For Azeroth. The goal of Island Expedition is simple. To obtain Azerite found on uncharted Island. The exact method of doing so however is up to players. The Islands you will sail to are filled with enemies native to the Island. And enemies not-so native to the Island. Therefore every enemy you kill, every chest you loot, every special event you complete all will award Azerite. That is loaded up on your ship. They are designed to be most efficient method of obtaining Azerite for your  Heart of Azeroth.

An unexplored and unclaimed Island does come with unknown dangers. You will find unexpected enemies on the Islands ranging from Murlocs and Kobolds to Dragons and Faceless ones.

Because you battle against the unknown, there will be one set of faces you will be all-too familiar with however. It so happens that another 3 member team of the opposing faction has discovered the Island at the same time as you. You will be racing against members of the other faction to collect all Azerite  your ship can hold.


The introduction questline is available once you have progressed your War Campaign past the point where you have established 2 footholds on the other faction’s continent and level 116. After your footholds are setup you should have a special quest under the War Campaign section of your questlog called  The Azerite Advantage or The Azerite Advantage. These quests lead you to talk to Flynn Fairwind or Captain Rez’okun for the quests  Island Expedition or  Island Expedition which will then begin your tutorial Island.


Bayside Brawler title boost:

  • Bayside Brawler title
  • Win 10 Island expeditions in pvp


  • PVP

Play options:

  • Account Share
  • Self play



  • Bayside Brawler title and achievement
Play type

Account Sharing, Self Play


Horde, Alliance


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