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BFA Mythic Dungeons


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Buy BFA  Mythic Dungeon runs:

  • Here you can buy BFA Mythic Dungeon runs and play with some of the best experienced Dungeon groups in the World of Warcraft community.


  • Mythic

Play options:

  • Account share
  • Self-play


  • 120 lvl character
  • No Ilvl requirement

Reaching max level 120 grants Horde players access to the Alliance dungeons

Reaching max level 120 grants Alliance players access to the Horde dungeons



  • You will run and clear 10/10 Mythic Dungeons with the best professional boosters
  • Chance to Get 340+ ilvl up to 390ilvl gear


  • There are 10 dungeons in Battle for Azeroth. Of these dungeons, 8 are available for leveling players and 2 of them are Mythic difficulty only.
  • The item level of dropped gear depends on the difficulty of the dungeon and have a chance to Warforge or Titanforge.
  • Mythic Dungeons drops Item Level 340 gear or above if you are lucky enough to warforge or titanforge.
  • World Quests continue to offer dungeon quests which offer bonus rewards for completing special objectives in the dungeon.
  •  The Dungeon Finder is still not available for Mythic Dungeons so therefore you will be in need of reliable team mates which you can find on our website.



Additional information
Play Type:

Account share, Self-Play


Horde, Alliance


8/10 Mythic, 9/10 Mythic, 10/10 Mythic