Blackwing lair classic raid boost

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Here you can make a purchase Blackwing Lair raid clear in WoW Classic vanilla.

BWL is a 40-man raid where drops tier 2 set items except for head and legs. Run includes defeating 8 bosses including the last boss – Nefarian.

Boost ETA: 2-4 hours from moment of starting (will be available in 4-6 weeks after release)

BWL raid boost rewards:

  • Completion of 8/8 BWL bosses
  • All loot for 1 specialization included
  • Some gold and other rewards if some BoE items drop
  • Minimum amount of 6 items, it is possible to get more if you are lucky.

Remember that Blackwing Lair requires to complete short questline (attunement) to be able to join the raid and complete it with our boosting groups. Also there is no minimum gear requirements since you will be getting the gear on the go, trough the master loot leader. It is possible to target specific items which get included in this package


We don’t ask your secret question and never will, so your account will be protected from theft or any kind of malversations, for any kind of boosting service you buy on, also we offer a virtual private network service.

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1 review for Blackwing lair classic raid boost

  1. Mogli

    I bought mine and I got 6 items, thank you very much!

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