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Buying the Benediction priest staff includes:

  1. Benediction priest quest completed completed
  2. All items and resources dropped during the boost
  3. Providing both the Eye of shadow and Eye of Divinity for you on any realm or faction

Carry Requirements:

  • Level 60 character (can be provided by our leveling services)
  • Priest class on any server or faction, can be both EU or US/AU

What will happen after the payment:

  • Our support will contact you and will assign a professional booster or a team of boosters to your character in order to get the boost completed for Benediction staff
  • You can make an arrangement to set up your boost when you think the time is best for you.
  • Once the schedule is set, the execution of your order will start
  • The quest is very hard and therefore not possible to get done as a self-play option, the entire process can be live streamed.
  • Once the boosting is complete, your keybindings will be returned to their initial statement
  • Everything that’s been looted during the boost will be left at your inventory or bank including the Benediction staff
  • Our support will keep you updated and it will be available to you during the entirety of the boost

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US/Oceania, EU

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1 review for Buy Benediction priest staff

  1. Mogli

    Preordered mine, cant wait for it!

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