Mythic Dungeon 8/10


Mythic Dungeon 8/10



Mythic Dungeon boost is the best way to start of the new WoW expansion in Legion. The basic requirements are 810 iLvl and an active subscription, we will do 8/10 Dungeon runs for your character and make sure that you get all of the possible loot, the runs are done in 1-2 days from ordering, for more information please contact us on live-chat or Skype.


Guaranteed account safety and a money back policy. Fastest and cheapest service on the market. Also on your call we can offer you a stream of the service, totally free of charge so you can watch the account sharing or self-play option being done live. An important note, that you can actually receive legendary items only obtainable from mythic dungeons, which have unique item level of 895 and are Best in slot stats for your current class specialization.


Currently available 8/10 dungeons done on Mythic, and the loot included with 840+ Item level gear ( possible titan or warforged procs) and with a possibility of legendary drops.


Before you make an purchase just check with a representative that you have all the requirements, and so the representative can setup a nice boost time for your character.