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Champion Of Azeroth Reputation


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  • Champion Of Azeroth Reputation Farm allows you to farm this newly introduced faction and add extra levels to your Hearth Of Azeroth.
  • Therefore this faction will be the main focus of many players as it allows you to grow stronger fast.
  • As with most other reputations, the Champion of Azeroth have contract which grants reputation for each World Quest finished while under its effects.
  • Because this reputation is very important for both Alliance and Horde players it is one of our main products.
  • When you reach Friendly, Honored and Revered Reputation levels with the Champions of Azeroth, a quest will unlock. On completion, each of these quests will grant you 15 bonus item levels to your  Heart of Azeroth.
  • All of these World Quests involve the player recovering Azerite from different sources including Miners, Elemental and Rare Elites.

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  • Account share
  • Self-Play



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Account Sharing


Horde, Alliance

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Honored, Exalted