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7th Legion Reputation
August 24, 2018
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August 24, 2018

Title Conqueror Of Azeroth + Conquerer’s Scythemaw Mount


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Buy Title Conqueror Of Azeroth+Conquerer’s Scythemaw Mount:


  • Tittle Conqueror Of Azeroth requires these achievements done for you:
  • Band of Brothers, Tour of Duty: Stormsong Valley, War Supplied
  • Tour of Duty: Vol’dun, Bounty Hunting, Tour of Duty: Zuldazar , Tour of Duty: Nazmir
  • Tour of Duty: Drustvar, Tour of Duty: Tiragarde Sound
  • These PvP achievements require time and patience therefore we are here for you.
  • Therefore after they are done, you will be granted with highly desired title.
  • Because this is really time consuming and requires lots of farm and grind in order to achieve.
  • Conquerer’s Scythemaw Mount will also be awarded.
  • Because this green krolusk comes as reward for World PvP meta-achievement in Battle for Azeroth.


Play options:

  • Account share
  • Self-Play


  • Tittle and achievements
  • Conquerer’s Scythemaw Mount
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Play type

Account Sharing, Self play


Horde, Alliance