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Expedition Bloodswarmer Mount/Talanji’s Expedition Exalted


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  • Expedition Bloodswarmer Mount requires Exalted with Talanji’s Expedition faction.
  • Therefore this mount is not easy to obtain because it requires time and farming.
  • Orphaned during rout of the Blood Trolls, this bloodswarmer has been retrained by Talanji’s handlers.
  • This pale bloodswarmer is Horde only reputation purchase after reaching Exalted with Talanji’s Expedition.
  • In order to get this awesome looking mount let us provide for you.


Riding Requirements:

  • Level 20
  • Apprentice (75) Riding
  • Horde Only

Travel Mode:

  • Ground (from +60% speed onward)
  • Flying (from +150% speed onward)
  • Speed depends on your riding skill.


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