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August 20, 2018
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Expedition Leader TITLE


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Expedition Leader title boost:

  • Here you can buy the Expedition title boost and get the Expedition Leader title achievement.
  • The Expedition Leader title is one that require a lot of grinding from all content in Island expeditions.
  • It consists of 27 lesser achievements.


  • Mythic
  • PVP

Play options:

  • Account share
  • Self-play


  • 120 lvl character
  • gear item level 320+


  • Expedition Leader title and achievement
  • More then 30,000 Azerite
  • Chance to loot awesome high level gear and some cool Mounts


 Expedition Leader consists of achievements from Battle for Azeroth Island Expeditions, and completing it will reward you with the Expedition Leader %s. You will get most of the achievements automatically by just playing (winning on harder difficulties, doing bonus objectives, defeating elite mobs, etc.), however since only 3 Island Expeditions are available at a time and they are full of random events that means it might take quite some time to complete them. That is where we come in place and do it for you, fast reliable and effective.


Additional information
Play type

Account Share, Self Play


Horde, Alliance