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Uldir raid boost [Mythic/Heroic/Normal]
August 14, 2018
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August 18, 2018

G’huun Kill [Normal/Heroic/Mythic]


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Buy G’huun kill on all difficulties Normal, heroic or mythic and play with the best raiders and guilds in the World of Warcraft community. If you pick the Account share option we can also provide a live stream for your order being done live on any of the streaming platforms.


  • Heroic
  • Mythic
  • Normal

Play options:

  • Account share
  • Self-play


  • Level 120 character
  • 300+ ilvl character equipped
  • 15 Azerite traits




The G’huun kill encounter takes place in the Festering Core at the end of the Uldir raid and is a three phase fight.

In the first phase, you’ll be dealing with G’huun’s minions: Blightspreader Tendril, Cyclopean Terror and Dark Young. The Dark Young is very beneficial in this phase and it periodically buffs all friends and foes around it with Dark Bargain causing everything nearby to take and deal 25% more damage. Meanwhile, some players will have to head to the upper platforms where they will find a Power Matrix. At the end of a long corridor is the Reorigination Drive and players must get the Power Matrix there 3 times to end the phase. The challenge is that the Power Matrix increasingly slows the player until they are completely immobile causing players to play hot potato with the Drive to get it until the end, similar to Lady Vashj.

In the second phase, you’ll fight G’huun directly. Players will need to be spread out for Wave of Corruption to reduce the amount of Putrid Blood stacks they get. A player will be targeted by Blood Feast and everyone will need to remove all stacks of Putrid Blood by standing inside. Blood Feast will create an add whose damage and health will increase based on the number of stacks it consumed. Meanwhile, the Reorigination Drive is still active and a small team should still continue to power it up with Power Matrix. When the Reorigination Drive fires, G’huun and all minions will be stunned and damage taken increased by 100% for 25 seconds.

In the last phase, it’s a burn phase with no Reorigination Drive but also no way to clear your Putrid Blood stacks. You’ll also have to watch out for Collapse which rains Debris down from the ceiling and Gaze of G’huun which you’ll have to turn away from the boss, similar to Yogg-Saron.

Play Type:

Account share, Self-Play


Normal, Heroic, Mythic


Horde, Alliance


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