Uldir full gear raid boost
Uldir Full Gear Boost[Normal/Heroic/Mythic]
August 25, 2018
PVP Arena tiers boost
PVP Arena Tiers boost
August 27, 2018

Honor Level Farm


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  • Honor Level Farm includes some changes to previous prestige farm coming up in BFA.
  • Some of the major changes are that Honor will be shared account wide.
  • Honor levels are reaching high levels compared to prestige levels therefore they are harder to obtain.
  • Depending from the farm Level that you choose there are different rewards waiting for you.
  • Watch our professional team or even play along side our team and achieve Honor levels in BFA.


Play Options:

  • Account Share
  • Self-play


Additional information
Play type:

Account Sharing, Self-Play


Horde, Alliance

Desired Honor Level:

Level 70 / Azure Courser, Level 125 / Forest Courser, Level 200 / Title “Bound by Honor”, Level 300 / Title “the Tactician”, Level 400 / Sir Snips & Bucketshell, Level 500 / Bloodforged Courser