Learn riding skill + Level 60 mount

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Buy riding skill level 60 :

  1. Riding Skill learned
  2. Level 60 Mount for any of the races

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Starting at level 40, players are able to learn how to ride mounts. Mounts increase your movement speed by a certain amount and are used for traveling around most zones. Mounting takes 3 seconds and you cannot mount up in combat.

Each race has their own Riding skill, which can be learned for 20 before discounts, starting at level 40. These riding skills are:

After learning a riding skill, you’re able to buy mounts from that specific race (Humans can buy Horses, Orcs can buy Wolves, etc). Mounts can have either Rare or Epic quality, which have different movement speeds, are usable at different levels, and cost different amounts of gold. In the table below, you can see the costs:

Epic Mounts

While players can purchase slow mounts at level 40, they can purchase fast mounts at level 60. If you are interested in purchasing a mount from a different Race within your faction, you are able to! However, you need to first reach Exalted reputation with that race’s faction before the vendor shows you the option to purchase mounts. Check out our Classic Epic Mount Guide for a list of all the Epic faction mounts like  Swift Palomino and the vendors who sell them!


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