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August 18, 2018
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Raider.io Mythic+ score boost


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What is the R.io Mythic+ score system and why you should buy a Raider.io Mythic+ score boost?

  • The system is designed to reward players for running higher and higher Mythic+ keys and completing them on time. The system is built with two primary motivations:
  • It is made to reward players for successfully running higher and higher keys, so the base value of a dungeon increase exponentially — just like the difficulty of the dungeons themselves.
  • It is made to heavily reward those that are completing dungeons on time, so a penalty system is added that reduces the value of a run as it goes further and further over time.


  • Mythic+ boost lvl 1 to lvl 25



  • Getting the desired Mythic+ score
  • Ranking on the Mythic+ score ladder
  • Unique rewards depending on the Mythic+ tier
  • Chance to loot gear from item level 350-380
Additional information
Play Type:

Account Sharing, Self-Play


Horde, Alliance

Mythic+ Score:

500 Mythic+ score, 1000 Mythic+ score, 1.500 Mythic+ score, 2.000 Mythic+ score, 2.500 Mythic+ score, 3.000 Mythic+ score, 3.500 Mythic+ score, 4.000 Mythic+ score

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