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Nazmir Gear Sets/Uldir Gear


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  • Nazmir Gear Sets / Uldir Gear therefore can be obtained from Uldir raid introduced in BFA expansion.
  • Uldir Halls of Control is a construction created by the Titans in prehistoric times.
  • In order to study Old Gods and to raise the monster that will destroy Old Gods tentacles.
  • Because there was a huge monster created known as G´huun, the last boss of Uldir BFA raid.
  • He was locked away within via three seals but now only one seal remains.
  • Therefore in these raids we will collect tear sets of gear in order to progress.


Play options:

  • Account share
  • Self-Play


  • Gear set depending on your class
  • Full Uldir raid cleared on the difficulty you choose
  • Four to six items depending on drop
Additional information
Play type

Account Sharing, Self Play


Horde, Alliance