Sanctum of Domination boost – Heroic

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Sanctum of Domination boost – Heroic – EU & US


The Sanctum of Domination Heroic Raid booster is a fast loot that runs through the recent Heroic (HC) mode SoD raids. After purchasing, get ready to pass all 10 bosses in the second raid of WoW Shadowlands 9.1 led by the professional team. Sylvanas Windrunner herself seems to be the latest boss to grant you AotC achievements and a new equipment set as well as a lot of new achievements followed up by a new mount. is running SoD Heroic runs daily on both EU and US. On all servers and factions. The one thing which you can check is to contact us via our live-chat support and see when we have a spot to fit you in. Or you can just make a purchase and we will contact you and organize a boost within the next 3 days. One important note is that if you choose an option with item guarantee your character will be ran up until it gets the amount of items which you bought, so for example if you do not get the items in the first week of the raid, you will go free of charge all up until you get it.


Sanctum of Domination boost heroic includes the following


Boss order and all available bosses

Boss order in the Sanctum of Domination raid: The TarragrueEye of the Jailer, The Nine, Remnant of Ner’zhulSoulrender DormazainPainsmith RaznalGuardian of the First OnesFatescribe Roh-KaloKel’Thuzad, and Sylvanas Windrunner.



  • Lvl 60 character 
  • To not be saved for the Sanctum of Domination that week, if you are saved that is also OK, since we can continue the boost next week
  • An active subscription for WoW Shadowlands patch 9.1
  • No gear requirements for the boost


SoD Heroic loot trading

  • personal loot run does not guarantee any amount of items;
  • 1 trader – 2+ items;
  • 2 traders – 3+ items;
  • 3 traders – 4+ items;
  • 5 traders – 7+ items;
  • 7 traders – 9+ items;
  • 9 traders – 10+ items;
  • 10 traders – 12+ items.


The loot guarantee only shows the minimum number of items you will get. If you are lucky, you can get more equipment. If you get less than the guaranteed quantity, we will run additional runs on multiple goes in multiple weeks to complete the guarantee. Please note that personal loot is also included in the guaranteed quantity. The Shadow Nation Raid does not have any item upgrade mechanisms, such as the corruption, warforge, or Titan forging equipment in the previous expansion. However, the Sanctum of Domination raid on Heroic difficulty has a higher item level (approximately 246 ilvl) The last two bosses of the entire raid.

Additional information


Horde, Alliance


EU, US/Oceania/Australia

Play type

Self-play, Account-Sharing

Item guarantee

No item guarantee, 3 items guarantee, 7 items guarantee, 9 items guarantee, 12 items guarantee

2 reviews for Sanctum of Domination boost – Heroic

  1. Mogli

    I booked mine and it went really good, the results and loot were astonishing

  2. Mogli

    Really nice thank you a lot

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