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August 22, 2018
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Squawks Mount


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  • Squawks Mount is a unique parrot mount that drops from Island Expeditions.

  • This emerald green parrot mount is listed as a new mount from the Battle for Azeroth Island Expeditions and has a drop chance of less then 3%, also it can be only obtained on Mythic or PvP mode on Island expeditions it takes tremendous amount of time to get and can be very random.

Riding Requirements:

  • Level 20
  • Apprentice (75) Riding


  • lvl 120 character
  • ilvl 300+ Equipped
  • Island expeditions unlocked


  • Ground (from +60% speed onward).
  • Squaks mount in your Mount tab so you can always mount him and ride along with it.
  • Flying (from +150% speed onward).
  • Speed depends on your riding skill
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Play type

Account Sharing, Self play


Horde, Alliance