Starter pack Classic lvl 60 – 2 attunements – 2 professions

Original price was: $2,450.00.Current price is: $800.00.


What does Starter pack classic include once you buy it:

  1. Level 60 for your character in the fastest time possible
  2. Unlocking new activities like new dungeons (Zul’farrak, Sunken Temple, Blackrock Mountain)
  3. Lots of quests completed
  4. Riding Skill learned
  5. Level 60 Mount for your race
  6. Any gathering profession boosted to the skill of 300 – Herbalism, Mining, Skinning and Fishing
  7. Any production profession boosted to the skill of 300 – Alchemy, BlacksmithingCookingEngineering, Leatherworking andTailoring
  8. Onyxia’s Lair Attunement Completion
  9. Drakefire Amulet Obtain
  10. Attunement to the Core quest completed
  11. Fast raid entrance through Lothos Riftwalker unlock
  12. Some resources like gold, craft materials, weapons, and armor along the way


What will happen after I have made the purchase:

  • Our support will contact you and will assign a professional booster or a team of boosters to your character
  • You’ll when you want the boost to start
  • Once you have picked the time we will organize everything else
  • You can participate in the boosting process by choosing the “Selfplay” option, if available
  • Once the boosting is complete, your keybindings will be returned to their initial statement
  • Everything that’s been looted during the boost will be left at your inventory or bank
  • Our manager will contact you to inform that everything is done


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