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TBC arena Classic 3v3 PvP Boost Explained

PvP has always been a key component in World of Warcraft and TBC Classic will not be an exception. Getting cool-looking powerful PvP armor sets or just showing off your achievements among your friends feels great especially if you are at the top of the ladder. Burning Crusade Classic will revive the old-style WoW PvP that has been made more casual in the recent expansions.

Since the upcoming “new” expansion has already been released before, we know what to expect. Our veteran boosters have returned back to their old weapons to offer you the best Burning Crusade PvP carries on the market. And here is why we are 100% sure about them:

  • they actually played the original TBC and know their classes;
  • Intruduction to 2v2 and 3v3 PVP arena system
  • some of them even have Gladiator NEtherdrakes in their collection;
  • they are reliable adult people who take TBC PvP boosting seriously;
  • is always overlooking their shoulder to guarantee the order completion.

With such great boosters, it is easy to perform any PvP task in Burning Crusade Classic. From TBC gladiator boosts with an armored Netherwing to basic honor farming. They can do anything you need them to accomplish.

Buying PvP Carries in Burning Crusade Classic

Although the PvP in TBC is great and brings lots of fun into gameplay, unfortunately, it can also be stressful and frustrating. We know that some classes are simply overpowered and this expansion is not an exception. Meting Warlocks, Rogues, or Druids and losing to them time after time can drive you mad and completely kill the will to climb the ladder further. But no worries, we got your back!

With professional TBC arena PvP boosting you will benefit from the following perks.

  1. The very best PVP set chosen for your class and specialization, even above 2k rating.
  2. Arena R1 PVP boost, including any region or faction.
  3. TBC arena skilled partners.
  4. 24/7 support before during and after the boosting.

Needless to say, all of these are reasonably priced and in the shortest time. If you are interested in applying for any PvP service of Classic Burning Crusade, please contact us, we can even offer a discount for your first order. Now let us get into the interesting part, we will share some thoughts from Burning Crusade veterans about which profession to choose to get the best player-to-player performance.

What is the best PvP Class in TBC Classic?

We have spoken to the best players of the original game and came up with a list of criteria to select the best class to play in Burning Crusade Classic WoW. We aimed closely at the peak PvP performance but also asked about other aspects of the game not to leave out the overall big picture. And that is what nomination we have awarded.

Best PvP Carries of Classic Burning Crusade.

  1. The greatest PvP class for solo gameplay – Rogue.
  2. Top Burning Crusade arena playing class – Druid.
  3. The battlegrounds berserker and AoE killer – Warrior/Mage.
  4. CC and drain master – Warlock/Priest.

That was a tough selection based on several ex-players opinions and TBC Classic beta experiences. All classes seem legit in the concept of the global gameplay but some of them just nuke others in PvP. Rogue, Mage, Druid, Priest, or Warlock – one of those you should main to get the best out of the freshly introduced competitive arena ladder.

What changes in the Vanilla TBC PvP system?

So maybe after choosing your main profession to play the old and new World of Warcraft expansion, do you want to review the main changes in TBC PvP? We are very happy to hear this because we put together the items to be considered from the beginning of the expansion.

Changes in TBC Vanilla PvP:

  • Introduction of Arena PVP ladder;
  • New honor and arena system;
  • arena sets for each specialization of every class;
  • You can obtain different types of arena sets depending on your stat need;
  • Introduction of the resilience system;
  • More PVP arena matches then farming BGs day and night.

Overall, the system has undergone a lot of changes and has become one of the key steps to take World of Warcraft TBC PvP to a new level. However, it looks a lot like the current retail system, but there are some differences. In the Burning Crusade Vanilla version, there is a lot to say about PvP, but we are not here to talk, but to take action to turn your character into the first couple of R1 gladiators. Season. Not nice? If so, then you are on the right track to get the best vanilla burning crusade PvP shuttle in the entire World of Warcraft universe with cheap and affordable service

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Self-play, Account-sharing


Horde, Alliance


US/Oceania, EU

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1800, 2000, 2200, 2400, Gladiator

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