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Karazhan Raid boost – carry description

TBC Karazhan raid boost is a  run through all 12 bosses trough the Burning Crusade  raid Karazhan with master loot mode. offers up to 6 items guarantee on the buy in and if you do not get your items on the first run, your character will be ran trough the raid with professionals free of charge until you get the 6 items.

Boost ETA: 4 hours. For free spots, please message us, or make a purchase and add us on Discord/Skype. We usually have weekly runs on each one of the servers on all factions Horde and Alliance.

TBC Classic Karazhan carry includes:

  • all 1 armor type loot (head, shoulders, chest, wrists, hands, waist, leg, and feet).
  • a chance at Fiery Warhorse’s Reins if your are lucky;
  • All additional loot which drops for you, if it is BoE you will keep it. All gold and rare drops are also yours if you acquire those directly.



  • 70 level;
  • Karazhan attunement.
  • No gear requirements to join the raid, but the more gear you have the so it is better


Boost2Carry is a boosting website old more then 11 years, and successfully working in all WoW expansions with more then 1200 active boosters and over 67.000 orders completed. If you have any questions, just write us on the live chat and we will be glad to help!

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Horde, Alliance

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Self-play, Account-sharing


US/Oceania, EU

1 review for TBC Karazhan raid boost

  1. Mogli

    Really legit, I preordered mine as always and waiting for it.

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