Twisting corridors – challenge mode Torghast

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Torghast Tower Twisting Corridors boost

Twisting Corridors are the “Challenge Mode” Wing of Tower of Torghast, Tower of the Damned always changing dungeon added in WoW Shadowlands Expansion. Buying the Twististing Corridors boost for Torghast allows the buyer to get maximum rewards up to 18th floor and get awesome items!

Boost ETA: ~1-2 days.

Shadowlands full Twisting corridors boost includes:

Pre-ordering and purchasing the Torghast Twisting Corridors (TC) carry service will allow you to get the only mount that can be ridden in the Maw zone.


  • 60 level character;
  • 200+ ilvl gear is preferable but not needed

How does the Torghast challenge mode boost work?

The TC Tower of the Damned is a modified dungeon which is changing constantly so its very difficult to learn. It has a challenge mode difficulty added to its content (similar to MOP challenge modes, where your gear downscales to 200 ilvl) so therefore it makes it very hard to complete.

Basic information for Tower of the damned that may guide you during your run trough the carry:

  • entire dungeon is made up from 18 floors (layers);
  • each floor scales exponentially, so every other floor makes the mobs hit 100% harder;
  • the highest rewards received by completing Twisting Corridors: Layer 8;
  • the challenge mode difficulty is there in order to farm the Stygia currency;
  • every boss in the tower drops Stygia on Layer 1 of Twisting Corridors;
  • stygia can be used in the Maw for conduit and legendary item upgrades;
  • by completing the last floor you will get the Corridor Creeper mount;
  • the mount is a huge bonus, because no mounts can be used in the creeping corridors and its the only one available at the moment.

Why you should buy Twisting Corridors carry from

Our professional players have completed all layers on the beta and are fully ready to get them done for you also! It is a must to get them done on a weekly basis because of the Stygia used for upgrades. The boost available for all classes and specs as well as EU&US. We are ready to get you trough the maw gates of the Torghast!

Additional information


EU, US/Oceania

Play type

Account sharing


Horde, Alliance

Desired floor completition

3rd floor, 5th floor, 8th floor, 10th floor, 11th floor, 12th floor, 13th floor, 15th floor, 16th floor, 18th floor

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