110-120 Power leveling [US+EU]
August 14, 2018
Island expeditions
Island expeditions carry [Normal/Heroic/Mythic/PVP]
August 16, 2018

Uldir raid boost [Mythic/Heroic/Normal]


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Available difficulties and play options for Uldir boost:


  • Heroic
  • Mythic
  • Normal

Play options:

  • Account share
  • Self-play


  • Fetid Devourer – This creature has been tortured and experimented on for centurys by the Zandalari, after hes masters arrival he became one of hes main minions in the path of Blood gods corruption..
  • G’huun – When the titans were created and the Old gods sent to Azeroth besides the 4 ones which everyone knows of, he is the 5th “experimental god” which is nothing but a pure representation of evilness, rot and decay. Hes only task is to lay pestilence on to Azeroth.
  • Vectis – This menace was created by accidental Zandalari experimentation of Ghuuns blood and different pestilences on the Zuldazar continent, the end result is this creature with tremendous amounts of power and unbond will to serve hes master.
  • Zek’voz, Herald of N’zoth – After Azeroth brake apart and the sundering happened an messenger arrived to Zandalar and predicted great destruction and darkness on the continent, locked away by king Rastakan he became obsessed by the Blood god and got mad from the whispers of hes new Master.
  • Mythrax the Unraveler – Mythrax the Unraveler, Bafter destroying the sacred last seal of the zandalari he returns to Uldir and waits for further orders from Ghuun.


  • Level 120 character
  • 290 ilvl character equipped for Normal Uldir boost
  • 340 ilvl character for Heroic Uldir raid
  • 360 Ilvl equipped for Mythic Uldir boost
  • 15 Azerite traits for Normal
  • 15 Azerite traits for Heroic
  • 19 Azerite traits for Mythic


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Play type:

Account sharing, Self-Play


Mythic, Heroic, Normal


Horde, Alliance


Standard Item Package (1-3 items), Middle Item Package (3-5 items), VIP Item Package (5-8 items)