WoW Classic 1-60 custom Powerleveling EU&US


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Boost includes:

  1. Any level for your character of any class on official Blizzard realms!
  2. 1-60 leveling or any custom powerleveling classic estimated completion time is under 12 days
  3. Any talent build you’ll want – contact us in the chat for details on your order
  4. Some resources like gold, craft materials, weapons, and armor looted during the boost
  5. Lots of quests completed during the boost

Useful Information:

Q: When will the boost start?
A: Straight away from the launch of Vanilla on the 27th of August.

Q: How long will it take to level my character to 60?
A: Estimated completion time is under 11 days.

Q: How are you boosting?
A: All of the services are 100% handmade by our professional players. For this service, we’re going to assign 2 boosters per character, so they can work in shifts.

Q: What gear will I have after the lvl 60?
A: This offer does not include any special gearing. Your gear will consist of lvl 50+ dungeon loot of uncommon and rare quality.

Q: What talent build will you use for my character?
A: You can set up your own talent build with our professional booster

Q: What about riding and professions?
A: Both riding skill + mount and professions can be selected as an additional option with a discount.

Q: What server is this service for?
A: All of our services are available both for US and EU servers.

Why would you choose us to the Powerleveling classic boost?

  • Our services are 100% secure, check our Trustpilot page for real customers reviews
  • Our PRO players are professionals with hardcore gaming experience behind their backs
  • Our PRO players are working according to safest standards.
  • Any of your desires may be implemented into your order
  • Our Support department works 24/7. Our # 1 goal is to successfully manage your order

What will happen after the payment on your Powerleveling classic order:

  • You will go through a semi-automatic process managed by our support department
  • We will ask you about convenient time and wishes
  • Set up an order completion plan
  • Connect you with the PRO player through our chat-bot in Facebook messenger / Discord
  • You can participate in the Carry process by choosing the “Selfplay” option, if available
  • Everything that’s been looted during the boost will be left at your inventory or bank
  • During the service you receive updates from the player and quick answers on your questions by player and our Support team

Additional information

Your current level

1, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50

Desired level

30, 40, 45, 55, 60


Horde, Alliance




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