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What Our Customers Say

I had searched different sites to see the difference. After talking with representative for each. Boost2Carry gave me the best options. After purchasing a carry to test it out , they dispatched a team for me . Just a few minutes within purchase i was already invited to the carry. It went super smooth , the people were friendly and helpful. Gave me tips on how to do it. And after that they all gave me the loot and sent me off. Will purchase again lol.


Got what i purchased within one hour. No waiting for follow up, and very polite and pleasant customer service.

Bar Andre

These People are the real deal! This went far better then I thought, I coudnt believe some was this fast and efficient. These guys are absolute professionals in regarding of everything. Give them a chance you will never regret it!


I went in to this pretty terrified to be handing over my account info. These guys worked with me to make sure that the purchase was handled smoothly, personally, and quickly. Could not recommend them enough and I’ll absolutely be returning to them for any potential future purchases.


Quick and friendly, I was very nervous about doing something like this, but I got to watch as they accessed my account, and there were no wasted moments. I wish I’d known about them sooner, I’d’ve gotten so many other mage tower appearances done. Thank you for my bear! The player doing the challenge was awe inspiring.

Kazanthi De-Lun:

Great Service! I heard about you from my son. It is great to get the challenge appearance. This is really nice and the company was very kind and quite reasonable


Really good professionals. I know you can feel afraid of many things like I was. However, I review the trust pilot and Facebook reviews. I also verify those people who have review them before. They were real. I gave them my wow acc. I got the service for which I paid. They are just amazing. Trust me guys if you want a boost in wow, THIS is the page you are looking for. 100 percent reliable and 100 percent sure they are professionals.

Reynaldo Arvelaio

This is the best service I have ever used. The quality by far exceeds everything I could ask for. From the customer service to the boosters. They work around your schedule and make it easy for you to hop on if you need to. Always professional and courteous. I wish i could give 10/10 stars (: i recommend Boost2carry 110%


Super service This has been superb, and I was affraid to get hacked and all, doing stuff like this. But theese guys did great, I I havent been here for the last time.

Hilsen en meget tilfreds dansker. 🙂

Thomas Mars

Great service got my rank fast and easy the only downside was the waiting time but other than that I recommend it.


Real people who work with your schedule and make adjustments to suit your needs. If something falls through or doesn’t work out they find a way to make it right. The group for my +10 Seige was efficient, polite, and skilled. I’m probably going to steal some of their moves for my own runs.

James Arthur

I ordered a 24-hour level boost, it was delivered late and with one zone not complete. I expressed how displeased I was with the customer care rep and they did their best to remedy the situation. I did have to get another service and the start on that service was slow, but all the bells and whistles were pulled on a 10/10 Mythic run to ensure I came out with an inventory full of items. They made the situation more than alright in the end.

Gabriel Jesse

I bought a timed M+10 clear from these guys are it went great, Support was very prompt in contacting me after the cart transaction and I had my run completed within 4 hours — and that was even if them getting multiple traders of a tough armor type on the run. I’d definitely suggest these guys to anyone looking for boost services and they will be my first stop for any of my future needs.

Thanks guys.