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Excellent service
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Yet another smooth carry & handover thanks once again!.

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Jake R. / Trustpilot

I always thought sites like these buy fake reviews but I swear I’m a real person but I suppose that’s what a robot would say too. These guys are trustworthy and very accommodating. I didn’t have the prerequisites for the mage tower and they did them for me for free even thought they normally don’t.

Shanye / Trustpilot

I bought a timed M+10 clear from these guys are it went great, Support was very prompt in contacting me after the cart transaction and I had my run completed within 4 hours — and that was even if them getting multiple traders of a tough armor type on the run. I’d definitely suggest these guys to anyone looking for boost services and they will be my first stop for any of my future needs.

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Epilol / Facebook

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Mythic 15 run with timer
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I originally had some apprehension about getting a paid carry, but these guys are professional and do everything to show they’re legit. If I had a question, I’d just go to the site chat and would have a response within minutes. For gamers like me who can never seem to “Git Gud”, these guys will get you over the the obstacle and let you get back to enjoying Warcraft. I can’t say how much of a relief it is to not spend a day headdesking after trying to beat that one boss again and again…and again….

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I decided on Boost2Carry because of the reviews on this website, but I entered with high skepticism. I was met by a courteous and prompt staff that kept me up to date on my order and completed it much quicker than I could have imagined. I could never earn the trinket on my own and they pulled the boys together to get it done! Do not be discouraged if contact is slow at first because they have a high volume of orders coming in all the time. I will definitely use Boost2Carry for future needs. Thanks!

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Honest, Upfront, Quick Response times and kept me updated on the progress of my work order

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clear, polite and fast!
Used the service for mythic runs and mount drops, couldn’t be happier with them. The instructions given were clear and communications on timing and etc were all handled well.

Highly recommended if you just lack the time to spend on grinding out certain things due to rl commitments. Would definitely use their service again!

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Legit site that were friendly and easy to deal with, also I managed to learn far more in 5 hrs then in 3 years of playing actively WoW just insane.. 10/10 would use again.

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I had searched different sites to see the difference. After talking with representative for each. Boost2Carry gave me the best options. After purchasing a carry to test it out , they dispatched a team for me . Just a few minutes within purchase i was already invited to the carry. It went super smooth , the people were friendly and helpful. Gave me tips on how to do it. And after that they all gave me the loot and sent me off. Will purchase again lol.

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PS: Sorry ’bout my bad english i’m not native.

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This is the best service I have ever used. The quality by far exceeds everything I could ask for. From the customer service to the boosters. They work around your schedule and make it easy for you to hop on if you need to. Always professional and courteous. I wish i could give 10/10 stars (: i recommend Boost2carry 110%

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These guys deliver time and time again. No other company to go to. Fast, reliable and professional, will continue to do business with them.

Pal / Trustpilot

I ordered a 24-hour level boost, it was delivered late and with one zone not complete. I expressed how displeased I was with the customer care rep and they did their best to remedy the situation. I did have to get another service and the start on that service was slow, but all the bells and whistles were pulled on a 10/10 Mythic run to ensure I came out with an inventory full of items. They made the situation more than alright in the end.

G.R / Trustpilot

Nice and good players.
Legit site that were friendly and easy to deal with, also I managed to learn far more in 5 hrs then in 3 years of playing actively WoW just insane.. 10/10 would use again.

Jakob / Trustpilot

As the title said, i’ve far improved my understanding of arena. Been away from WoW a couple of years and felt “behind” So I orderd a 3 hour long session, with both some 2v2 and finally two hours of 3v3. The both guys was very polite and informed me clearly what to do, what I did good and helped me where it didn’t go so well. We laughed and had a really good time, almost as we where old time friends. After the session was done they took their time asking if I had question and helped me answer some few uncertainties. I will order from them again in the future to reherse.

Gabriel Jesse / Trustpilot

Real people who work with your schedule and make adjustments to suit your needs. If something falls through or doesn’t work out they find a way to make it right. The group for my +10 Seige was efficient, polite, and skilled. I’m probably going to steal some of their moves for my own runs. Thats why I would say that these guys know what they are doing and would always recommend them to any of my friends if they need any services like this!

James Arthur / Trustpilot



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