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September 19, 2018
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WoW boost2carry

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WoW more sucessful then in 2014!

WoW boost2carry


If it is the general opinion of the community that is traveling on different platforms, one could say that Battle for Azeroth is rated mixed. There is criticism, there are praise here and there, but you can tell that the mood is a little irritated, if you want to say it, friendly. But apparently only in the inner circles of the World of Warcraft community. If we believe the evaluation of the market research institutes, than Battle for Azeroth brings some good numbers.

In August 2018, World of Warcraft sold $ 161 million through digital sales of the game (no subscriptions), making it the # 2 best-selling PC game in the world in second place.

Pre-sales from the previous months were not included. But it goes on. As additional information, World of Warcraft has reached the highest number of subscribers since 2014 in the western area.
At the time we were facing the end of Mists of Pandaria or the release of Warlords of Draenor.
Also means that Battle for Azeroth currently has more subscribers than Legion ever had. Of course, the data from the market research institute must be treated with care. There are no official numbers and we do not know how the dear employees calculate the statistics there. But it is clear that the sales can be seen and thus shows that Battle for Azeroth for many players was a reason to buy. Now developers just have to keep people happy!

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